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About Us

The laboratory that now belongs to the Trescal group, started its activity in 1993 as Qualcer, and was integrated in the company Cronotécnica.

In 1999, legal separation took place and the company Qualcer-Tecnologia de Certificação, Lda was formed, with the aim of becoming an independent laboratory.

In 2000, the first accreditation appears, according to the NP EN ISO 17025 standard, only in the domains of temperature and pressure.

In 2009, we were also accredited as a laboratory for testing studies on isothermal means and rotation and in 2016 the laboratory was accredited in its new area of electricity and time/frequency.

At the beginning of 2021, Qualcer was acquired by Trescal as an integral part of its expansion strategy for Portugal and currently has the capacity to calibrate in temperature, humidity, pressure, dimensional, electrical and time/frequency, moment and mass (weighing instruments), as well as temperature tests in isothermal media and rotation.

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 Our Quality Policiy

Trescal Portugal is committed to using good professional practices and guaranteeing the quality of the results of its calibrations and tests;

Trescal Portugal guarantees the quality of its service level;

Quality objectives are established annually, which are quantified, which the laboratory undertakes to achieve. They will be redefined and adapted if necessary.

Trescal Portugal is committed that all its employees will be familiarized with all the quality documentation and apply the policies and procedures during the course of their calibration and testing activities;

Trescal Portugal is committed to complying with the reference standard NP EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005, as well as any and all regulatory requirements applicable to its activity, and to promote the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its management system;

Accreditation Certificate
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